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Everyone should have the right to fair housing opportunities. 

At Cosign Partners, we are a leading second chance housing program that has helped over 20,000 tenants nationwide.

We support renters with a poor track record that may deter a landlord from renting.

Whether it’s a past eviction, broken lease, poor credit score, or any other negative mark on your record, we give you a 2nd chance at renting.  

In an effort to secure adequate housing, we offer two programs including a Second Chance Cosigning Program and a Do It Yourself Program Featuring the Renters Identification Number.  

Second Chance Cosigning Program is our central focus and offers an insurance protection plan to landlords and property managers.

This insurance protection plan guarantee's the property manager you are less a risk and opens the door to multiple opportunities in obtaining a new rental lease agreement with less effort and improves your chances of renting.

Our agents see you through from beginning to end until you're approved for a new apartment or house. 

Using our global network of landlords and legal experts, we create opportunities that would not otherwise be available based on your track record.

Renters Identification Number is a self-service program. We provide our clients with a Renters Identification Number, which serves as an alternative credit that can be used for rental purposes only.

It is a substitute for your social security number and prevents landlords from accessing your rental or credit history. You’ll receive guidance on how to use this number and secure your new home today.

As a full service program that supports marginalized communities, we take great pride in providing appropriate accommodations to get you approved, one way or another.  

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