Buy A Renters Identification Number And Get Approved To Rent Again!

Regardless Of Eviction, Broken Lease, Rental Balance Or Poor Credit..

Cosign Partners remains to be a leader in the second chance rental market. As one of the oldest and most successful second chance rental companies in America, we are now opening the door for all renters regardless of rental history, income or credit to get a rental approval quickly on your own.

Because of the rental crisis nationwide with the rate of evictions going up we are now  offering our customers the opportunity to rent again without spending hundreds of dollars on second chance rental programs and wasting money on referral programs.



Most second chance companies in this industry will charge anywhere from $495 up to $1500.00 to assist renters in getting a rental approval.

Stop Wasting Your Hard Earned Money With These Companies-Do It Yourself With Us Coaching You!

Let Us Take You By The Hand And Guide You To A Rental Approval!

Cosign Partners provides a fully registered Renters Identification Number that is designed to help any renter dealing with rental problems. Your RIN Number is registered to you and is fully compliant as alternative credit under the fair credit reporting act (FCRA).

What Is An RIN Number?

An RIN Number is a Legal Loophole solution known as a Renters Identification Number. The RIN Number has been accepted by top apartment communities and property management companies nationwide.


Alternative credit is recognized in the eyes of the law, according to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA).


This number is registered with an alternative credit reporting agency. The agency is registered with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Operates under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 


Just like other credit bureaus but uses non-traditional information to register your RIN Number for rental purposes.  

Your RIN Number is to be used only as a secondary option for distressed renters in need of a rental approval. This number is designed to help renters bypass their failing rental history, offering an alternative route to getting approved for an apartment or house.

It doesn't matter if you have one eviction or five, your RIN Number can get you approved as long as you apply the step by step instructions we provide with your order. 

What You Get

  1. Fully Registered RIN Number.

  2. Complete Instructions On How To Use Your RIN Number For A Fast Approval

  3. Rules Of The Road To Help You Get Approved Quickly

  4. Free Online Support And Advice Within 24hrs Of Your Request From One Of Our Team Members

  5. How To Successfully Get An Approval Using Your RIN Number

  6. And Your RIN Number Is Delivered Within 72 Business Hours Of Your Purchase Order

Complete Your Purchase Below And Get Ready To Rent Again For Just $175.95! 

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