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Rental Judgment Recovery Services

Going Above and Beyond to Secure Your Investments

At Cosign Partners, we're not just a collection agency. We specialize in helping landlords and property managers like you retrieve what’s rightfully yours. With our tailored expertise in the rental industry, we pledge unwavering dedication to recovering your funds and ensuring that your rental business continues to flourish.

1. Proven Asset Location & Seizure

Our proficient team is adept at locating assets, even those skillfully concealed. Once identified, we take legal measures to seize and convert these assets into payment for your judgment. We pride ourselves on our meticulous searches that often uncover what many might overlook.

2. Our Comprehensive Commitment

We don’t just attempt to recover; we pursue relentlessly until your judgment is paid in full. Our approach isn’t single-faceted. We employ a multi-channel communication strategy to optimize our recovery chances:

  • Demand Letters & Emails: Crafted for clarity and urgency.

  • Automated & Manual Calls: Strategically timed to reach your debtor.

  • Custom Videos: Personalized and persuasive.

3. Specialized Rent Collection for Landlords

Delinquent rent need not plague your accounts. Whether you manage an apartment complex, individual rental homes, or other properties, our ethical, effective debt collection service ensures you reclaim what’s due.

  • Ethical Approach: We prioritize maintaining consumer relationships. No collections pursued until the eviction process completes.

  • Dynamic Outreach: A combination of phone calls, letters, emails, and texts.

  • Responsive Strategy: We adapt based on dynamic changes in each account, ensuring optimal results.

4. Solutions Designed for All

Whether you have a singular debt or up to 50 a month, we’ve got you covered. Our process initiates collection activity within just one business day. And for those with over 50 accounts? We’re equally equipped to assist.

  • Quick Setup: Sign up online, skip sales chats, and start submitting collection accounts today.

  • Inbound Call Handling: Our outbound efforts stimulate return calls from consumers, ensuring effective communication.

5. How Does Our Debt Collection Process Work?

  1. Choose the Right Program: Based on your needs, select the most fitting collection program.

  2. Easy Account Placement: With our expertise, knowledge, and advanced tools, offload your collection burdens onto us.

  3. Strategic Collection Process: As an extension of your business, we handle past-due accounts, liaising with consumers to devise payment strategies.

  4. Ongoing Strategy & Support: We work hand-in-hand with you, ensuring a harmonious financial outcome.

6. Transparent Costs & Comprehensive Reporting

Should full recovery prove challenging, we keep you fully informed. From potential payment plans to legal actions, we discuss every viable option with you. And if, in rare cases, collection seems unlikely, we offer a detailed case summary and advise on closure, ensuring no hidden surprises.

Cosign Partners

Trust in Cosign Partners expertise to protect your investments and ensure a stable revenue flow. Dive deeper into how we can assist you by visiting our website or dialing 904-200-2339 for a personal consultation. Your peace of mind is just a call away.

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