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Here Is A Quick Cure For Evictions And Broken Leases In Charlotte. Find Second Chance Apartments With Cosign Partners; Get Approved!

Many Renters Who Face Eviction Owe Less Than $600

“We regard evictions generally as a symptom of a larger problem that we have, which is a lack of housing that’s affordable,” said Greg Brown, the senior vice president of government affairs for the National Apartment Association. “The question we have to ask ourselves is, do changes in the process address that core issue, or do they lengthen a process of eviction and really end up in the same place?”

Now their are companies that provide help to those individuals who are facing an eviction or who has evictions currently present on their records. 


Cosign Partners is one of those companies we highly recommend in Charlotte. Providing a second chance apartment rental program designed for any renter who can no longer rent due to their current rental status. Cosign Partners no credit check apartment database can be used to help renters find second chance apartment rentals in Charlotte that may be willing to rent to someone with less than perfect credit or worse.... a bad rental history.

By choosing Cosign Partners second chance rental services they will give you a stronger chance of renting as opposed to trying to rent on your own if you have evictions, broken leases, eviction filings or rental balances present on your tenant reports. To learn more about Cosign Partners second chance rental programs click here.

One recent study linking eviction records in Cook County, Ill., with credit report and payday loans data suggests that policy interventions to the court process itself may be too late to help many poor families. The study found that in the years leading up to an eviction filing, tenants who would ultimately wind up in court had mounting and substantially higher debts, compared with random tenants in the same neighborhoods.

“The signs of that disruption and financial distress appear two to four years ahead of the eviction filings,” said Winnie van Dijk, one of the study’s authors. For policymakers who want to help these families, she said, “it’s not as simple as avoiding a court order for eviction, unfortunately.”

The Bennet-Portman bill envisions some outcomes where a tenant might lose housing they can’t afford but still land in a better place. The bill would also create a grant program to support community courts that might, for instance, be tied directly to local providers of social services.


The Cleveland Municipal Housing Court currently operates a similar model, where the most vulnerable tenants facing eviction are flagged for social services. In 2018, about 17 percent of eviction cases that came before the court were referred to case workers who tried to find programs like mental health support and homeless services for tenants.

Sherrae Landrum, 74, was summoned to the Cleveland court last December for accumulating clutter that her landlord objected to. She ultimately lost her home, but a social worker the court connected her to helped her find a temporary homeless shelter and then a permanent home.


The social worker drove her to doctor’s appointments and accompanied her to pay the deposit on her new apartment. She helped enroll Ms. Landrum in a home health aide service, a meal-delivery program, and a class to manage hoarding tendencies.

Eviction court can present, at least, an opportunity to connect tenants with agencies that might help halt cycles of poverty, said Casey Albitz, who runs the court’s social service referral program.

“It was a blessing,” Ms. Landrum said of her case. She has more resources and support now than she ever did before. “They did me a favor.”

To learn more about Cosign Partners second chance rental program in Charlotte, NC read here.



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