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Cosign Partners has been great for me and my family. 
We have lived with evictions for several years now and could not rent.
Thanks to Cosign Partners they got us approved in less than 2 weeks. 
Thank you for all the help you've given to me and my family.

Frankie Bolder

I can't believe there is a service like this out their. We have been struggling trying to rent in Atlanta and have been living in AirBNB's and weekly motels for more than a year now. 
I've wasted so much money on these places and got fed up and looked for a solution to my problem. 
I found Cosign Partners, they offered a rental guarantor's program that made sense to me so I went for it.
I had nothing to loose and at the end of the day the program worked and me and my husband are now in a new home. 
Thanks for helping us, this has been god sent.

Quinn Davis

Incredible program, professional services and the communication with staff was impeccable. 
I would highly recommend using this company if you really want to rent again. 
They are worth spending the money because you can get what you want.
I needed a house with a backyard, I found a place and they did the work to get me approved and it worked.
I'm so impressed with this company.
Thank you for helping us.

Sandy Williams

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